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2023 Speakers

Laura is a 14-time Emmy Award winner!

Featuring Special Keynote Speaker
Laura Diaz!

Laura Diaz is a well-known newscaster on KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles. She was born locally in Santa Paula! She will share her story of coming from Santa Paula and making it big in the news and entertainment business. She will also share inspirational and encouraging stories of her rise. 

Other Inspiring Speakers Include:

Robbie Gluckson

Robbie Gluckson

Director of Marketing, Development, & Community Outreach, Dept of Medicine, UCLA Health

“Advocating For Your Own Health”

Robbie Gluckson is the Director of Marketing, Development & Community Outreach for UCLA Health.  A senior marketing executive formerly associated with the Premiere Oncology Foundation, Oakwood Worldwide, the Pritikin Longevity Centers and Architectural Digest, Ms. Gluckson is a true believer that healthcare is a fundamental right — not a privilege.  She is a champion of patient rights and world-class medical services delivered with compassion — one patient at a time.  Ms. Gluckson holds a B.A. from Bowdoin College and an M.A. in Print Journalism from USC.   She has been recognized by the LA Business Journal as a finalist for The Leadership Excellence Award for Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship.

Andi Girl

Certified Life Coach

Contact information: #805.232.4325

Email – Andi@andigirl.com

Website: AndiGirl.com

“Sexual Wellness”

Balancing the chakras allows the kundalini (creative and sexual energy) to activate while grounding the cellular body. It is Healing in its most powerful, natural, human form. Tantric breath fusion re-charges your soul by promoting internal shifts in frequency and vibration. When we change the inside, the outside automatically notices. Join us for this light-hearted Sexual Wellness playshop.

About Andi Girl:  Andi Girl’s experience will inspire possibilities and choices. Offering bio-spiritual life tools that help you guide your own path. She’ll show you where you are now, using your own energy system, and help to remove any boundaries, freeing up movement. Heal yourself into a new reality- the one you’ve always dreamed of, and more!

**Extra offer for Break-out session**

Hoop Habit – mini hooping/hoop dance session and demo.

Andi will bring class hoops, of all sizes for attendees to play with.

Alison Perks

Mother, Health, Sealife Yoga and WSI Water Safety Expert & Mermaid

“The Perks of a Fulfilled Motherhood”

Alison was born in Thousand Oaks, CA and is so happy to be a Ventura County girl! She’s been practicing yoga for over 20 years, after a career in dance she found the practice of yoga to fulfill much more than just movement and exercise. She found a sense of peace and calm she’d never accessed before. In 2012 she began her teaching journey and has been teaching the past 11 years in Ventura. She specializes in Restorative, Group/couples yoga and Prenatal yoga helping moms-to-be discover themselves during this part of their journey. 

My main focus has been gentle yoga with use of modifications and props, and prenatal yoga coupled with a focus on Restorative yoga, which is deeply needed in our busy hectic lives these days! I am inspired and driven to help people in their yoga practice,realize they can relax and enjoy the practice with the use of the  props available to find what’s best for their body.

She also loves teaching kids to swim as a WSI Swim Instructor and Coach. She values the fact that she’s empowering children to learn to swim and be safe in and around the water. Her passions off the mat include swimming, surfing, Stand Up Paddling, snowboarding, rollerblading, traveling and doing lots of these activities with her children.

Gina Found

Certified Coach and Licensed Therapist

Gina Found is known for helping burned out women escape “good girl” programming and pursue their passions.

“Finding Balance During Hard Times: How to Turn Challenges Into Empowerment Accelerators”

Gina is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Female Empowerment Coach, and the owner of two businesses. For over 15 years, she’s devoted herself to creating safe and empowering spaces in which her clients can grow and thrive. She is especially passionate about helping women escape good girl programming so they can powerfully embrace their authentic selves and fulfill their truest desires.

As a coach, Gina facilitates transformations for her clients by bringing together multiple modalities, including psychology, social deconstructionism, the science of the nervous system, empowerment theory, body-based approaches to self-actualization, and the incorporation of spiritual wisdom principles. 

Most importantly, Gina is a down-to-earth gal who has been through some very real challenges, lived to tell the tale, and now turns her personal hardships and professional knowledge into inspirational coaching juju to help other women become boldly embodied versions of themselves.

Come join the conversation about how women can learn to stand in the center of their power even in the midst of challenging times. There will be time for audience Q&A and Gina frequently sneaks in some free one-on-one coaching. So, flex your bravery muscles and bring a burning question!

Meghan Tarry

The Solopreneur, COO

Meghan Tarry is the owner of The Solopreneur COO and is a business systems extraordinaire.

Meghan uses her passion for efficiency and knowledge of technology to help small businesses thrive and operate on a higher level. 

Meghan’s superpower is that she sees the areas that can benefit from streamlining and automations and saves business owners sanity!

Meghan believes every business has the potential to run smoothly and efficiently, and can provide the systems to get you there.

Monica White

Food Share of Ventura County
President & Chief Executive Officer

Monica White joined Food Share of Ventura County as President and CEO in 2017 after having previously served on the Food Share board. Since taking on the role, Monica led Food Share out of a period of financial challenges while responding to some of Ventura County’s most critical hunger relief needs during the Thomas Fire and the COVID-19 pandemic. Entering its 45th year as Ventura County’s food bank, Food Share served over 260,000 individuals last year through a network of 190 community partners. In 2022, Food Share distributed the equivalent of over 16 million meals in Ventura County.